Qty Equipment Manufacturer Size
1 6 Pipe Heat Recovery Chiller 221 Tons
1 Sewer / Wastewater Energy Recovery System 150 Tons
1 DOAS - Packaged (UltraLow LAT = 48F) 30,000 CFM - 246 Tons
Unique Design Features
Single Packaged Rooftop DOAS Unit
Low leaving Air Temperature of 48F
246 Tons
Sewer Energy Recovery
6 Pipe Heat Recovery Chiller

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority


SmithGroup JJR, Architect, Engineer, Lighting

MEP Engineer

SmithGroup JJR

General Contractor


Mechanical Contractor

Southland Industries

Project Profile
Square Feet


Hvac Technology

DC Water Headquarters

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) is a world-class water utility providing over 100 million gallons of drinking water to customers in the U.S. capital and surrounding communities every day. The new 151,300-square-foot administrative headquarters building, located on top of the existing O Street Pump Station and unveiled in 2019, was designed to consolidate administrative and office spaces while reflecting the utility’s commitment to sustainable excellence.

Compliant with LEED Platinum Class A specifications, the project features leading-edge technology new to the U.S. market. The innovative heating and cooling system captures heat from wastewater in the winter and uses it as a heat sink in summer, making it one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the region. Rainfall is also collected on site and used for non-potable water needs inside the building, including the irrigation of the green roof that comprises 50% of the roof’s surface area.

The new headquarters, designed to mimic the motion of water in layout and building material, allows DC Water to educate the public on its mission of providing clean water to the region while maintaining its commitment to environmental stewardship. The building’s interactive exhibition spaces and interior windows give the public a glimpse of the various processes that take place inside and highlight its environmental engagement.

The building has been honored with numerous design awards from such prominent organizations as the National Society of Professional Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers/Architectural Engineering Institute.

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